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Our parent company,. J.W. Toups Inc., was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur John Toups. The business was initially developed to serve the industrial and retail interests in the Thibodaux, LA area. As our clientele list grew over the next couple of years, so did the demand for diversified services.

We presently serve over 500 companies from our Thibodaux office. Our facilities include a showroom, an office complex, a warehouse and a fulfillment center. We use only state-of-the-art software in our computer systems, assuring you accuracy in coordination and implementation of your programs.

Since its inception in 1976, J.W. Toups Inc. has continuously maintained its reputation for excellence. In 1983, the Louisiana Department of Commerce named Mr. Toups Small Business Person of the Year from Region III. In 1986, the Governor appointed Mr. Toups as one of five Louisiana businessmen to serve in the state’s Small Business Development Corporation. In 1987, J.W. Toups Inc. received the SAAI Silver Pyramid of Excellence for outstanding work in the field of accident reduction.

In 2001, Mr. Toups partnered with Dr. E. Scott Geller to build an e-learning company, the Safety Performance Coach. Its focus is to teach management principles and strategies of human dynamics applied to performance and accident reduction. In 2006, Mr. Toups introduced his custom-designed Document Scanning System called eTracker with clients in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Singapore, and Columbia. This is a revolutionary concept that requires no software or IT involvement.

With its growth in services and in clients, J.W. Toups Inc. has continued to aim for high marks in innovation and excellence. We are now pursuing even greater heights as we move into marketing our services worldwide.

About Our Founder

J. W. Toups Inc. was founded in 1976 by John Toups. The business grew to serve over 1100 companies out of the Thibodaux office. Over the years, Mr. Toups’ reputation has grown – he was chosen by the State of Louisiana as “The Small Business Person of the Year” and was appointed by the Governor to be one of five Louisiana businessmen to serve on the State Small Business Development Corporation. In addition, the Business Roundtable awarded him the “Innovation Award” and “Cost Effectiveness Award” for the tools that he developed to assist Murphy Oil in one of their turnarounds which broke four decades of performance records.

Mr. Toups taught TQM principles at Nicholls State University and established a quality consulting firm called Bottom Line Improvements. He has partnered with one of the world’s leading Behavioral Scientist, E. Scott Geller, Ph.D., to build an online training company to teach management principles and strategies of human dynamics.
His newest creation, the eTracker System, has revolutionized the speed of learning and improvement within projects and organizations. It allows the voice of every worker to be used as a daily cycle time learning tool to impact safety, productivity and quality. eTracker has a measurable impact on reducing waste and balancing the workflow on projects.

Mr. Toups has worked on diverse projects that include the space shuttle, banks, refineries, drill ships, floaters, and jack-ups to name a few. He has traveled the world as a consultant helping companies improve employee performance, reengineering processes, and reducing accidents.


Awards & Recognition

Recognition from Shell

Shell awarded J.W. Toups a sole-source contract for the Norco Refinery to assist in increasing employee involvement and accident reduction, wellness, and to administer their award program. We provided the same services to Shell Taft; Sewaren, New Jersey; Metairie, Louisiana; and the entire Gulf of Mexico that was made up of their East, Central, and Western divisions. We were nominated for the Vendor of the Year award three times.

Partnership with Exxon

Exxon partnered with J.W. Toups for 18 years to provide safety guidance and assistance as well as their award program. The drilling division received numerous presidential award nominations.

Safest Drilling Contactor in IADC Class A Four Years Running

Helped drilling contractor W.R. Grace win the safest drilling contractor in IADC Class A four years in a row and the fifth year was second place. We also handled their award recognition as well as coached their senior management team in the quality processes.

Brought BBS to Global Industries

Introduced Global Industries to their Behavior Based Management system and guided them into winning the NOIA Safety-in-Seas Award.

Brought Quality & Cost Reduction to the First Space Shuttle Team

Worked with the first space shuttle quality teams and helped develop a cost reduction system that saved $10,000,000 a year.

$3M in 30 Days Saved through Team Turnaround

Developed and implemented The Team Turnaround Concept for the oil industry and helped Murphy Oil save $3,000,000 in 30 days.

Client Named ABC's Safest Construction Company in the Nation

Assisted Boh Bros. Construction Company in winning dozens of safety awards including two consecutive years winning the Safest Construction Company in the Nation awarded by the Association of Building Contractors.

Recipient of Innovation Award

Awarded the Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness and Chemical Industry Innovation awards by the Greater New Orleans Business Roundtable.

Developed "Safety Performance Coach"

Partnered with one of the leading behavioral scientists in the United States, Dr. E. Scott Geller, and built an online training tool to teach managers an extended array of behavioral science concepts and strategies and their application. The product was named The Safety Performance Coach.

The World's Most Efficient Drilling Ship Thanks to Cost Reductions

Helped Conoco and R & B Falcon reengineer the Deepwater Pathfinder, the first 10,000 ft. deep water vessel. We introduced quality concepts at the rig level and made it one of the world’s most efficient drilling ships reducing its operational costs from $1900/foot to $875/foot in just nine months.

Helped Chevron Cut $3M in Costs within 90 Days

Spearheaded Chevron’s Bay Marchand Alliance Team consisting of Chevron, Hercules, Nabors, and Sundowner and saved over $3,000,000 in 90 days.

Helped LDTD to Receive N.Q.I. Pathfinder Award

Helped revamp the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. As a result, LDTD was awarded the N.Q.I. Pathfinder award for leading the way in excellence.

First of Its Kind - Doc Scanning Service

Developed the first document scanning service that requires no software and provides web storage and overnight report accessibility.

10 Years, 100 Companies

Started a process reengineering company called Bottom Line Improvements and spent 10 years reengineering over 100 companies.

Safest Drilling Contractor

Helped R & B Falcon win the Safest Drilling Contractor for PDVSA in Lake Maracaibo three years in a row.

Devon's Highest Leading Safety Record

Assisted Devon’s Jackfish 3 project with the implementation and use of our eTracker system. After 18 months, it was recognized by the president of Devon for having the highest leading safety record in all of Devon.

Phillips66 Turnaround Goes from800 to 22K Employee Interventions

With the effective use of our eTracker system, Phillips66’s turnaround participation in safety operations went from 800 to 22,600 employee interventions. This resulted in setting all-time records for safety and start-up performance.

W&T Offshore Receives Award for Excellence

Implemented the safety program for W & T Offshore Inc. on their new rig W & T Delta which was awarded the Minerals Management Service Citation Safety Award for Excellence in the New Orleans District and Gulf of Mexico OCS Region in its 1st year of operation.

ConocoPhillips Team Receives Pillar Award for Excellence

The ConocoPhillips eTracker team lead was awarded the Pillar Award for Excellence. In the first year of implementation, they broke 2 decades of performance records.

JV Driver Group Gets "Think Different, Build Better Innovation Award"

JV Driver Group’s Safety Department was awarded the 2014 Think Different, Build Better Innovation Award for implementation of the eTracker system.

Shell Carmon Creek Project Recognized by CEO for Safety

The Shell Carmon Creek Project won the CEO’s Global Award for Exemplary Safety Performance.

Complete Corporate Overhaul for LyondellBasell

LyondellBasell restructured its corporate safety expectations based on the eTracker model.

Suncor North Sea Project Recognized for Exellence

Suncor North Sea Exploration and Drilling project won the President’s Operational Excellence Award.

Unprecedented Employee Engagement for Suncor Project

Suncor Fort Hills Project won the President’s Operational Excellence Award for Unprecedented Employee Engagement.

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